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Latest News

Recommended Trading Equipment

July 06 2015

​As of July 2015, we recommend the following equipment for traders seeking to purchase or upgrade their equipment:

IRA Futures Accounts available with no setup fees

April 06 2015

​It seems to be a little-known fact that an IRA account holder can open a futures account and trade it just as they would trade their usual account. Our preferred IRA Administrator, AdvantaIRA trust, is waiving the setup fees associated with an IRA account for a limited time. If you have been considering moving your account from another broker, this is the time to do so….

Convergence-Event: Extracting Market Behavior using IRT with Chad Payne

March 20 2015

Chad Payne, Lead Software Engineer at Linnsoft, the creator of Investor/RT, joins us to go over a variety of new features built into the latest version of IRT. Chad will go over the new profile indicator, numerous studies and many more features in the latest update. The key goal of this Convergence Event is to focus on how traders can obtain key market behavioral information dynamically using IRT.

Can’t Trade Your IRA Using Futures with Your Current Broker? You can with Stage 5…

March 06 2015

A Rare Public Convergence Event on Order Flow featuring Peter Davies Part 2

February 10 2015

This is Part 2 of our discussion on the application of Order Flow information. We look at Order Flow not as a technique; but as a set of information that can be of value in many ways. We look at obvious and not so obvious ways in which this information can be of benefit. We will give real-world examples and discuss real world uses that you can take away and apply to your trading. We look at which benefits can be taken advantage of by an order flow novice and which require more skill.